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Alter Egos

I am a multilingual UX/UI Designer with a background in Engineering and 12+ years of experience spanning Performing Arts, Teaching, Culinary Arts, and Makeup Artistry, who aspires to cook up cutting-edge design concoctions rooted in empathy and accessibility. I am eager to work on exciting problems in AR/VR, AI, web3, fintech, and/or metaverse spaces. At my core, I am an avid story absorber & teller who aims to create designs that do the same. 

A never ending thirst for exploring uncharted waters, has taken me on several artistic journeys, each one more fulfilling than the other. I continue to draw inspiration from these personalities born out of myriad experiences to create meaningful work. 

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DALL·E 2023-02-08 00.29.27 - looking at clouds made of pastel colored cotton candy, digita

Solo and ensemble artist with 20+ years of experience.

Teaching students of all levels and age groups, imparting the Theory and Practice of Bharatanatyam under the banner 'Priyada Arts'.

Penned official press releases on behalf of the institution

Served on the organizing committee of the Drive East Festival, an annual cultural event that brings together Indian artists across the globe.

Bharatanatyam  Artist

Group 1678.jpg
Group 1678.jpg

Delivered over 100 exceptional shows in multiple languages in National and Regional TV Channels in India. Scripted the shows I hosted by thoroughly researching events, guests, and program requirements. Hosted both Recorded and Live shows in various formats interacting with popular celebrities and dignitaries.

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Stage Curtains

Portrayed various titular, full-length characters in both English and Tamil stage plays with renowned Theatre companies at events like the Theater Olympics organized by the National School of Drama. Choreographed group dance sequences which garnered critical praise.

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Makeup is another expression of art, and apart from adding oodles of confidence and amplifying the expressions of the wearer, it creates a transformative experience. I learned by watching the humble makeup artists as a budding artist. Later I observed, how the techniques varied, for stage, for screen, for events etc. Once I felt confident getting mine to look impeccable, I was happy to conduct workshops to offer some pro tips and hacks I had come up with. I also firmly believe in using vegan, cruelty-free, chemical free products. 

Television  Anchor

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Healthy Vegetables

I hail from a South Indian household which equates wholesome food to a goddess and considers timeless recipes, a matter of pride. I spent most summers with my dear grandmother who was a chef par excellence, she would prepare delicacies even for weddings by herself!

I enjoy exploring new cuisines and recreating classic recipes with my own twists. Decoding the ingredients of dishes from new cuisines and  then building the dish from scratch is something I love.

Makeup  Artist

Theater  Actor

Culinary  Practitioner

I was generated by Dall-e !

Check out my authentic recipes here!

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