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Logo Design

 “Logos survive because they can adapt to countless formats” Sagi Haviv

Designing a logo is almost never optional. This is the realization I have come to,  when I think about what I have worked in. Everything we want a brand, product or service to say, a solid logo can.

Priyada Arts (Dance school)

Photo from Priyanka Raghuraman.jpg


In October 2021, I finally christened my dance practice, after thinking of a name for over a year. Since this was a little before I gained Figma skills, I had created a freehand sketch on my iPad. Though this logo will most likely get replaced by a professional design, I cherish it as the first identity of 'Priyada Arts'.

Mobile version logo

Group 5350.png


As the redesign of the California Dept. of Social services website progressed, the team reached a point where we felt that the existing logo had to be redone. Our mid-fidelity wireframes used some premade logo. We wanted to upgrade from that one for the high fidelity mockups. After looking up multiple resources for icons and vectors, nothing suitable was found.  contd...

Makeup workshop 



Option A

As a performing artist, who shuttles between stages, screens and studios I have a decade long relationship with makeup. This again, is an artform that thrives on nuanced handiwork. As shows most shows were cancelled in 2020-21, my makeup kit was starting to gather dust. 

Pricooked (Culinary website)



One of the most productive projects I launched myself into, during the pandemic was, setting up a WordPress site for my tested recipes -

I have been cooking since my teenage years and find it to be a nourishing art.

I enjoy creating recipes and journeying through the gastronomical world. Care to join?

Desktop version logo

Group 5344 (1).png


This is  when I stepped into figma and drew what I felt would represent the organization and their mission. The colors used here are the state colors of California. I made 2 sets of logos on both light and dark backgrounds, to fit the mobile and desktop prototypes.

Makeup workshop 



Option B

Then, without over-thinking, I planned to organize a makeup workshop to cater to a diverse audience. The event started with a survey to gauge the interests or any other thoughts people might have about makeup.

The event was christened 'Blush with PRi' and ran for a month on all weekends with over 50 participants from across the globe.


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