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Welcome to my Easel

Sketching, drawing, painting, coloring, whatever the term might be, the process of sitting down to let one's imagination and inspiration take form is a magical experience. Many times, the hand has it's own mind while creating art and it's an inimitable feeling to surrender to that flow. This process has always made my focus razor sharp. Find below, some select samples of work from my drawing room and heart. 

Mandala Art & Sanguine

The Mandala is a meditative symbol, usually composed of concentric rings filled with patterns. The term 'Mandala' means 'sacred circle' in Sanskrit. It is a n integral part of many cultures.

Sanguine Art refers to the sketches drawn with a reddish, chalk or crayon. A french artist named Conte invented an innovative square shaped crayon in the 18th century. This crayon requires very little sharpening because of thir unique shape. These sanguine sketches were made with conte crayons. 


Charcoal pencils, shading, etching, and blending are all timeless classics. I have always enjoyed having blackened finger tips, especially when some of my favorite beings like this Humpback Whale and Stag come to life right before one's eyes. These works span 2017-2021. The exploration of facial features has been my latest goal with pencil sketching. Oh what magic Black and White create.

Water colors

Back in High School, Architecture and Interior Design were industries that I dreamed of working in. They felt like a natural extension of my sketching skills combined with my love for buildings and décor.  The design lessons comprising symmetry, composition, perspectives and dimensions I took in preparation for these courses, have aided me in the field of design
to-date. These water color sketches sprung forth during an interiors-obsession phase.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the effects of light, shadow, depth and colors.

Oil pastels

Art on paper sometimes comes gushing out all at once. When we moved to a new place and wanted to redecorate, I got back to my sketch book with a flood of images in my head. I had a pack of untouched oil pastels, begging to be used. I got to work and aimed to create simple statement pieces that would accentuate rooms. The 'Beach Petals' art here was born out of a pandemic experiment (see below).

Play dough

In the fall of 2020, we were gearing up to celebrate a festival that spans 9 nights. It requires having plenty of little dolls that are decked up and displayed on steps-like shelves. We didn't have that many dolls and with the pandemic, were hesitant to venture out shopping. That's when inspiration struck. "Why not make our own dolls?"
After some research, I  cooked up a few balls of toxin-free playdough right in my kitchen. Aren't the zodiac signs fun designs to explore with clay?


Concept Art

PHOTO-SKETCH-DANCE - All through the pandemic, amidst the chaos, a lot of good art flowed through me within four walls. This experimental work was one that combined different forms of expression.
A flower I clicked , that Flower I drew and became.

Many dancers have the inherent ability to appreciate music, draw skillfully, cook passionately or design aesthetically as one isn't that different from the other in it's essence. This series pushed me back to my sketch pad to reproduce with oil pastels, a stunning flower I had captured high above the seas in Bali. This sketch lent itself to a an impromptu choreography.

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