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Fatigue-free travel at your fingertips.

A Travel App Design Story

Duration   4 Weeks

Scope       Individual Project

Role           User Experience Designer




Post pandemic, candid conversations revealed that people were experiencing new kinds of stress related to travel. Empathetic user research combined with design brainstorming led to the creation of  'Yourway' a mobile app puts curated, budget based trip bundles at the fingertip of the users.  


Right now, travel plans have to be made over different platforms and there is no one place that offers customised itineraries based on the traveler's preferred budget.


A product that could ease the anxiety of travel planning and expenditure, by offering travel plans based on the users' needs will greatly alleviate decision fatigue and make traveling pleasurable.

Design Process

Getting to know my users through qualitative and quantitative analysis and Persona creation

User Insight, Problem Statement, Empathy Map and User Journey

Paper sketching, Wireframing and Prototyping backed by Usability Testing

Incorporating user feedback at each stage followed by Style and UI  Design 

In order to gain quantitative and qualitative insights, User Interviews and  User Surveys were conducted. Interested users were interviewed via Zoom. The main objectives were to understand, 

Perception of users towards, especially after the Pandemic

Their major concerns/priorities when they think about planning a trip?

How have they been planning travel so far and which apps / websites have they been relying on?  Pros and Cons of those.

User Research 

“I need to know the average cost of all the activities, bookings, food, commute etc. in one place. Extremely important to not exceed budget, but also enjoy thoroughly.” - Sweta, 21


21 responses


 Ages  20 to 40

67% people feared risks due to COVID

52% were concerned about the inflated costs

30% were hassled by travel planning

“It is important to not overspend and wish to have a resource through which I could track inflation and all the bookings (flight, hotel, local transport) in the same place. Additionally would like it if my time spent on these things is also trackable.” 

- Abhi, 33

Q : What  are some factors that are holding you back while making travel plans?

Let's meet..


Mayu Moha

"I would love to go on as many journeys and make as many memories as possible, in this is lifetime!

Just too tired of planning everything".


Mayu is a hardworking and compassionate guy with a taste for the finer things in life. He works as a System Analyst and keeps himself recharged through travel and adventure. As much as he is tech savvy, Mayu likes to go off the grid and get as much screen-free time as possible, soaking in the sights, smells, sounds and scenes around him. Being faced with too  many choices often cause him stress.


  • Interesting itineraries based on his budget and interests

  • Quality time with his partner

  • Explore new places and cultures 

  • One stop shop for all travel needs


  • Being overwhelmed by the need to use multiple apps/websites for travel planning

  • Decision fatigue

  • Overshooting budgets and dipping into his savings especially after a slow year

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28 years

Bachelor's Degree, Information Technology

System Analyst

San Bruno, CA

In a relationship



Mobile Apps

Social Media

Empathy Map